Top 10 Best Private Label Supplement Manufacturers in the USA

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Over the last few years, private-label supplements have gained popularity in the USA. With these, you can enter the supplement market as customers look to improve their health.

Are you starting as a business or looking to increase your product line? You can launch your brand after partnering with a top private-label supplement maker. These manufacturers provide broad services from product formulation to packaging. The goal is that they should cater to the highest standards.

This article will explore the top 10 private-label supplement manufacturers in the USA. You’ll also learn about factors to consider when selecting a private-label manufacturer and supplier. What advantages can you get out of it after partnering with a manufacturer?

This article will further answer common queries about private-label supplement makers.

10 Best Private-Label Supplement Manufacturers in the USA

The table below shows the top 10 private-label supplement manufacturers in the USA. You’ll also find each maker’s founding year, location, and approximate yearly revenue.

S. No Manufacturer Year Established Location Approximate Yearly Revenue
1 Supplement Manufacturing Partner Inc. 2019 Edgewood, New York $250+ million
2 Life Solutions Contract Manufacturing 2004 Carlsbad, California $100 – 249.9 million
3 Gemini Pharmaceuticals 1982 Commack, New York $100 – 249.9 million
4 Gummi World 2018 Tempe, Arizona $250+ million
5 Life All Natural 2019 Miami, Florida $100 – 249.9 Million
6 NutraScience Labs 2015 Farmingdale, New York  $50 – 99.9 million
7 Pharma Natural 2002 Miami Lakes, Florida $50 – 99.9 million
8 Aegle Nutrition 2005 Carrollton, Texas  $250+ million
9 Makers Nutrition 2014 Commack, New York $50 – 99.9 million
10 FoodScience LLC 1973 Williston, Vermont $50 – 99.9 million

1. Supplement Manufacturing Partner Inc.

Supplement Manufacturing Partner Inc., situated in Edgewood, New York, has been in business since 2019.

They provide customized private-label supplements like vitamins, fish oil, and herbal products.

They have risen as a leader in private-label supplement manufacturing, ensuring quality.

2. Life Solutions Contract Manufacturing

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Life Solutions Contract Manufacturing is a custom manufacturing company.

They supply the pharmaceutical sector with varied products like creams, tablets, and oils.

Operating since 2004, they ensure that each product conforms to strict quality standards.

3. Gemini Pharmaceuticals

Gemini Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1982, makes custom private-label pet supplements and vitamins.

These are available in different packaging forms like pouches and bottles. They serve a variety of industries, including biopharmaceutical, household and cosmetics.

Based in Commack, New York, they provide quality products that meet standards.

4. Gummi World

Gummi World makes private-label vitamin gummies in different vitamin options and flavours.

They are based in Tempe, Arizona and founded in 2018. They provide a variety of services, including labeling, analysis and packaging.

Gummi World makes renowned products that meet high standards and are of high quality.

5. Life All Natural

Life All Natural has been in business since 2019 and is based in Miami, Florida. The company provides private-label manufacturing for a range of healthcare products.

Their product forms include tablets, capsules, powders and more. They provide services like product development, formulation packaging and more.

6. NutraScience Labs

NutraScience Labs is a custom supplement manufacturer that has been operating since 2015. They make varied forms of dietary supplements.

A few examples include capsules, powders, soft gels and tablets. These are according to your requirements, such as size and flavoring.

The maker is situated in Farmingdale, New York. They offer services like blending, formulation, design and labeling.

7. Pharma Natural

Pharma Natural is one of the top supplement manufacturers in the USA. They provide private-label services for vitamins (e.g., B12), dietary, herbal, and other supplements.

They have been operating since 2002 and serve the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. They are located in Miami Lakes, Florida. Their products cater to support health and wellness with quality.

8. Aegle Nutrition

Aegle Nutrition is a top private-label health supplement manufacturer. They produce an extensive range of products.

They include powder supplements, CBD products, creams, and gels. They are based in Carrollton, Texas, and their products meet high-quality standards. They are in service since 2005.

9. Makers Nutrition

Established in 2014, Makers Nutrition provides private-label, high-quality nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

The company produces varied products in different forms, like capsules, gummies and powders. They have headquarters in Commack, New York.

They also offer services like packaging, labeling and shipping. They are a notable name as one of the top vitamin supplement manufacturers.

10. FoodScience LLC

FoodScience LLC is a custom supplement manufacturer that produces varied products. These include vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more in different forms.

The company has been operating since 1973. They are headquartered in Williston, Vermont.

They offer custom formulations to make supplements for humans and pets. Their experience enables them to provide quality private-label manufacturing services.

Factors to consider when choosing a private-label supplement manufacturer

With many options available, choosing the perfect private-label supplement manufacturer can be difficult.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting the ideal manufacturing partner:

Make certain that the manufacturer adheres to quality and standards

Make sure that the manufacturer adheres to quality and standards. They include Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and strict quality control measures. Thus, you get to know a manufacturer’s commitment to making effective and safe products.

Research the manufacturer’s experience and reliability

Do your research about how long a manufacturer has been making products. Find out more about the manufacturer’s production process. Also, assess their cost, production capabilities, facilities, and equipment. The aim is to ensure an efficient and reliable manufacturing process.

Also, consider their capability to handle large orders. Find out their track record to meet the delivery deadline for dietary supplements. It will give you an idea of the manufacturer’s experience and reliability.

Pick a manufacturer that meets your requirements.

Select a manufacturer that can meet your requirements and specifications. Evaluate the manufacturer’s product line and customization options. The goal is to meet consumer demand and the capability to flourish your business.

Choose a private-label manufacturer that can understand your customized supplement formulation. They should also help you throughout the complete process, from formulation to shipping.

Choose a private-label manufacturer that is transparent and communicative

An ideal manufacturer is transparent about their sources, ingredients and processes. It’s vital if you want your business to flourish to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pick a private-label manufacturer that ensures open communication and exceptional customer service.

Benefits of Working with a Private-Label Supplement Manufacturer

Associating with a private-label health supplement manufacturer has several benefits for you. These are:

Quick Production Times

Private-label dietary supplement manufacturers ensure that products are made quickly. With this, you can enter the market soon.

The manufacturer has already completed the time-consuming steps. All you want is the time it takes to change the packaging. You may also want to make small customizations to a product. Afterward, your product will be ready to be available on the market.

Cost Effectiveness

Another benefit of working with private-label supplement makers is cost-effectiveness. The manufacturer has taken the costly steps of developing custom supplements like testing. Now you have an effective product, and you need to put your branding. Thus, you can devote more money and time to developing and marketing your brand.

Custom Formulations

Private-label supplement makers support you in making custom formulations of a product. It can be useful if you need a distinct product or particular dosage or ingredients.

More packaging designs and forms

You can create more packaging designs and forms of a product, like bottles and sachets. It helps to make a product that appeals to your consumers.

Ensuring your product meets quality and safety standards

You can ensure that your product meets quality and safety standards. You can also make sure that the product passes regulations. It’s significant for the safety and effectiveness of your product.

You also get expert advice on the best dosage and ingredients for a product.

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Q1: What is a Private-Label Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer?

A private-label supplement manufacturer is a company that makes supplement products. However, another company sells these under its private brand. The private brand can belong to companies like retailers and online marketplaces, etc.

For example, Makers Nutrition is a private-label supplement manufacturer. As a private brand, customers will see your name on the label instead of the manufacturer’s name.

Such private-label supplement products are often customized and affordable options. They meet the growing needs of customers.

Q2: How are private-label supplement manufacturers different from regular supplement manufacturers?

Private-label supplement makers are different from regular supplement manufacturers. Private-label supplement makers create and store supplements exclusive to one brand. It allows for customization of the formulation, design and packaging. The aim is to serve the specific brand and the target customers.

Regular supplement manufacturers make generic products that many retailers can sell. These are better known as white-label supplement companies. There are very limited customization options in white-label supplements, unlike private-label supplements.

How to choose the best private-label supplement manufacturer?

To choose the best private-label supplement manufacturer, keep the following things in mind:

  • The manufacturer should use quality ingredients backed by clinical research
  • They should have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) certification and should be FDA-registered
  • They should have the capability to develop custom formulations
  • They should have quick turnaround times
  • They should have a record of producing high-quality supplements that align with your brand
  • They should respond to inquiries rapidly and professionally
  • They should have the product range and capabilities that you need

Q3: How to successfully partner with top supplement manufacturers?

Have clear and open communication with the chosen manufacturer. Set your goals, expectations, and vision for what you want to achieve with the product. Then, develop a collective understanding with the manufacturer to meet those goals. Only then will your business flourish.

Q4: Do these top manufacturers have a minimum order quantity?

Most private-label and top supplement manufacturers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. The MOQ can vary from one maker to another.

Understand these and negotiate with potential manufacturers about this before partnering with one.

Q5: How do private-label supplement makers ensure product quality and safety?

The largest supplement companies ensure product quality and safety. They do it by complying with industry standards and strict regulations. Some of these include:

  • Following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Having strict quality control procedures
  • Carrying out detailed testing of products to ensure they are safe, pure and effective