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Handian’s Collaborative Journey With China Pharmaceutical University

Handian was jointly established by the Dietary Supplements Factory of China Pharmaceutical University and Handian Health Food Company. It has worked closely with China Pharmaceutical University since its founding. Our facilities features:

  • Handian achieved 17 national patents for inventions. It did this through its dedication and effort in technology innovation.
  • Handian owns more than 3,000 advanced formula.
  • We use cutting-edge machinery for nutraceutical manufacturing. It lets us fill even the largest orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Huge selection of in-stock products available for lower MOQ and competitive price points.
  • Our unparalleled client relationship & services.
  • Your long-term success is our success. To ensure this, we have invested heavily in scaling and supporting your business.

Custom Formulation

Count on our team for help in tailoring unique formulations. We can also help with research and development. And with meeting packaging and labeling requirements.

Trust a reliable partner with lots of experience to develop your custom formula. We specialize in finding the best formulations. We carefully choose blends of ingredients tailored to your product.

Beyond that, you also have the flexibility to pick the format for your items. It can be gummies, chewable, capsules, tablets, or softgels. Your vision, our expertise – let us bring your distinctive product ideas to fruition.

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Customized supplements Service Process


Supplement Contract Manufacturing

Beyond crafting and manufacturing our brand, we extend our expertise in Private Labeling & Custom Formulation services. Elevate your brand by customizing our products under your unique brand name, logo, and design.

Our Research & Development team is ready to create a completely new product from the ground up for those seeking a fresh formula. We don’t just stop there – we guide you in elevating your private-labeled product to new heights. Collaborate with us to transform your brand vision into reality.

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private label supplement manufacturing

Experience the pinnacle of vitamin packaging solutions with us. Our team at Handian ensures that each product’s packaging artwork is unique. It is crafted to reflect your brand.

Navigate the many possibilities with confidence. Our dedicated product development team and skilled graphic artists at Handian stand ready to help you choose packaging when you’re ready!

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Packaging Solutions

Explore our exceptional vitamin packaging solutions that stand out in the market. We tailor our services exclusively to your brand. Our skilled product development team and graphic artists at Handian are here to help you choose the perfect packaging.

When you’re ready, we’re ready to guide you. The process has endless possibilities!



Display Boxes



Multi Dose Packaging



Label Design

Your supplements are sold online or in stores. So, a catchy bottle label is crucial.

Our design team is dedicated to crafting labels daily. They stay tuned to the ever-changing trends in the supplement industry. The designs they make are fresh and unique. They are also tailored to fit the available space perfectly.

Rest assured. All our labels are carefully made to follow FDA rules and other relevant bodies.


Research & Development

Our Research and Development team is at the core of our top-notch formulations and products. They are committed to excellence. This commitment is clear as they continuously pioneer new formulas.

They use strict medical and engineering principles to perfect our processes. Quality is not just a checkpoint; it is ingrained in every production stage.

Partnering with our research and development team means staying at the forefront of the market. You’ll have the latest and most distinctive formulas. Let us help you outdo competitors and set new product innovation standards.

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