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1. Build Your Product Line

Product managers and business managers with professional backgrounds will participate in each product project. They will share industry information and market trends. Finally, we consider your needs. Then, we suggest products that fit you best.

  • The price is favorable, the minimum order quantity is 1000, but it can also be flexible. You can choose from over 6000 supplement formulas to build your product line.
  • We make products with many nutrients. They include proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • We offer many popular products. They help with weight management, hair care, and sports nutrition.
  • Consider the raw materials and usage habits. Provide different product forms, like gummies, tablets, powders, and capsules.
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2. Your Sample and Product Confirmation

We will provide you with samples that you can test and evaluate.

Ultimately, we ensure the product meets your expectations and standards. We will talk with you further about product details and your product packaging needs.

Based on your information, we will make plans for production, delivery, and service.

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3. Put Into Production

When we get payment, we will start production. We will also ensure the supply of raw materials and the readiness of production equipment.

You can provide brand label design. We have professional product managers who will review your labels to ensure they comply with local regulations. We also have a professional design team that cooperates with label design.Based on your requirements, we will produce customized packaging materials, print and produce them.

We strictly enforce quality control standards during production. This ensures that our products meet regulations. It also meets your needs for safety and quality.

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4. Arrange Delivery

Once production is complete and quality inspected, we will prepare your order for delivery. We will arrange the best logistics solution for you. It will fit your requirements and location. It will ensure that the products get to you safely and quickly. We provide after-sales service to solve any problems you have. It helps with issues during product use and sales.

Next, your product will enter the rapid sales stage. Contact us to choose the private-label supplement that suits you.

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China's Top Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Handian has over 30 years of experience in the supplement industry. We have grown to be one of the most trusted dietary supplement suppliers.

We test all of our private label supplement products for quality. We also hold relevant certifications. We are responsible from product design to production.

Choosing us is not limited to the following advantages:

  • In line with consumer needs, competitive prices
  • Fast product delivery, reducing product development costs
  • Scientific research data supports the formula
  • Comply with local regulations and formulas and can promote functional ingredients

Ready To Start Growing Your Business?

Private label supplement manufacturing is also called White Label supplement Manufacturing. It refers to companies that make dietary supplements. The brands buy the supplements and sell them under their names.

As a private label dietary manufacturer, we offer 6,000+ supplement formulas for you to choose from. Finally, you can add your own label or let us design the brand. We provide a one-stop supplement contract manufacturing solution. Our services are very flexible:

  • Complimentary samples are available upon request.
  • We offer a low minimum order quantity, starting at just 1,000 units, allowing for small initial orders.
  • Our policies are flexible, and we are open to discussions to accommodate your needs.
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