Supplement Tableting Contract Manufacturing

Handian customizes and produces high-quality effervescent tablets and chewable tablets for you!

Tablet supplements are one of the most traditional and popular forms on the market. Tablets have many uses worldwide. This is thanks to their low production costs and easy large-scale production. So, if you are looking for a reliable contract manufacturer of tablet supplements, Handina is your ideal choice.

Since it started, Handian has been committed to providing one-stop service solutions. They include making supplements and packaging. As one of the earliest effervescent tablet manufacturers in China. You may be new to the industry or want to create your own brand. We can provide expert knowledge, top service, and customized one-on-one solutions.


Our Supplement Tablet Manufacturing

Effervescent Tablet applications

Effervescent Tablets Manufacturing

Effervescent tablets are solid beverages. Effervescent tablets with added nutrients are nutritional supplements in tablet form. Drop one tablet in 200-250ml of warm or cold water. It will dissolve and fizz into a tasty drink.

Compared with standard effervescent tablets that dissolve in 5 minutes, our effervescent tablets usually dissolve in about 3 minutes. And they are gentle on the gastrointestinal tract and suitable for sensitive people.


Chewable Tablet Manufacturing

Chewable tablets are compressed candies and nutritional supplements. They are popular among different age groups and consumer groups due to their direct chewing and friendly taste.

We currently produce multivitamin chewable tablets, VC chewable tablets, etc. View our own formula chewable tablets. Our chewable tablets can be customized in color, flavor, and formula.

Custom Supplement Tablet manufacturer in China

Tablet Manufacturing Process

Effervescent Tablet Manufacturing process

Tablet Supplement Manufacturing Certificate

By getting these certifications, and following rules, we can ensure their products are safe and high quality. The products will also follow the rules. View all certificates.

Effervescent Tablets Packing

Handian specializes in two main types of packaging: tubes and foil, which are easy to use and carry. They are available in various formats:

What makes us different from

other supplement tablets manufacturers?

As one of the first domestic manufacturers of tablets in China. We have a strong production capacity and can produce 800,000 tablets per day.

Handian has made and sold many types of effervescent tablets, like vitamin C and zinc ones, collagen ones, etc.

From basic formulas to unique formulas, we help customers improve and upgrade their existing product lines. We can help manufacture your tablets. They will release certain dosages at different speeds. Slow-release, delayed-release, and extended-release are all viable options.

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Handian has a 100,000-level purification workshop. It has many authoritative certifications. These include HACCP, ISO22000, GMP, and export food hygiene registration. We have a complete product quality control and guarantee system.

We will customize it based on your product requirements. These include formula, taste, flavor, etc. We have popular base formulas, check out our private label effervescent tablets.

At the same time, we will shape a fitting brand style. We will do this according to the trends in the local and foreign markets. And we provide one-stop services such as packaging design.

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