Handian Nutrition Co., Ltd.

Specializing In Dietary Supplements Contract Manufacturing For 30 Years

Handian produces nutritious foods, dietary supplements, and other high-quality health products.

Our company developed effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, powders, gummies, and more.

We already have a formidable daily manufacturing capacity. It has many automated production lines. They are for mixing, making tablets, making gummies, and packaging.

Specifically, we can produce up to 600,000 bags of powder, 800,000 tablets, and 10 tons of gummies.

This showcases our commitment to efficiency and quality in our diverse product range.

Handian offers professional services and support throughout the process. We are your capable partner, providing all-in-one solutions for global customers.

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Offering a full suite of private label supplement manufacturing services

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablet

Apple Cider Vinergar Gummies

BeetRoot Gummies

Black Seed Oil Gummies

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Unlocking New Heights in Nutritional Dietary
Supplements For You

With a two-decade-long journey in the industry, our experience speaks volumes.

Comprehensive certifications show our commitment to quality. Our team delivers gummies, tablets, and powders. We also have softgels, capsules, and pet products. They meet the highest standards.

Whether you seek innovative solutions or a reliable partner, we cater to your needs. We provide personalized service and flexibility. Collaborating with us is enjoyable and ensures your prominence in the competitive market.

Our Service

Private Label Supplement Manufacturing/OEM

Experience a new era of product customization with us.

Our commitment to excellence shows in every manufacturing stage. We work closely together from conception to production. Finally, bring your supplement recipes to life.

Whether you’re a startup or an established brand. Our collaborative approach guarantees a seamless journey from idea to realization. Improve your brand’s identity and market presence with our innovative OEM solutions.

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Supplement Contract Manufacturing/ODM

Our research team innovates to serve you.

We provide brand agency solutions. This is due to our advanced production lines and highly skilled research team.

We streamline the process from ideation to production. This ensures you stay ahead in the health and wellness industry.

Improve your product range with our ODM skills. Capture chances in the changing market.

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Brand Agency Services

Our Brand Agency Services extend beyond conventional manufacturing – we represent your brand.

We offer brand agency solutions. Our production line and research team are advanced and skilled.

Our brand agency services cover regulatory compliance and strategic marketing. We offer a tailored approach to success.

Join us for a complete brand representation experience. This will boost your health products globally.

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Our Supplement Manufacturing Certification

We assure customers our products undergo rigorous quality testing. The testing ensures high standards are met.

Our company and products have the necessary quality, safety, and compliance certifications. This shows our commitment to excellence.

The certifications show our dedication to reliable and premium health supplements.

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Our Long-term Clients

Offering key value-added services, we support your sustainable growth with efficiency.

Cooperative Superstore

Handian has been supplying global offline retail chain stores for more than 20 years.

We have earned the trust of more than 5,000 clients. Our products are now in more than 2,000 stores in various regions.

Our products are available in supermarkets and retail outlets. Customers can find our premium products in urban centers and suburban neighborhoods.

E-commerce Customers

We provide custom supplement manufacturing comprehensive solutions. In addition to serving brick-and-mortar retailers. We extend our expertise to e-commerce sellers, including platforms such as Amazon and TikTok.

Hot-Selling Product Selections: Our curated product selections meet online marketplace demands. Sellers access items resonating with their audience, driving sales.

Expedited Shipping Options: We understand the importance of timely delivery in the e-commerce world. We offer expedited shipping choices to ensure orders reach customers swiftly. This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Low Minimum Order Quantities: Our flexible approach accommodates low minimum order quantities. Sellers can manage inventory efficiently and minimize upfront costs.

Customization Flexibility: Sellers can customize new products to their unique specifications and branding. This helps them stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Streamlined Processes: Our streamlined processes ensure quick order processing. This spans from product selection to delivery, reducing turnaround times for sellers.